My friend, in a nutshell…

Little girls become friends with other little girls for a number of reasons: because we like them, because we hafta, or because they have all the newest Pound Puppies and if we want a chance to play with them, well, we’ve gotta suck up.

But when you’re an adult, the women in your life become friends because of one reason: they make your life better in a special way.

Today’s is Maggie’s birthday. I met her when I worked at AskMen. And I love her for this: she really just says it like it is.

I mean that in only the nicest most sincere way- Maggie is an incredible person to me because she really and truly doesn’t worry about what others think. She’s a realist. And she’s one of the few people who is always honest with me. I appreciate that so much. I really admire that quality in Maggie, and I wish I had a little more of her in me.

I know that all the jobs I’ve had so far have helped further my career. But more than anything, they’ve given me true friends.

So happy birthday SuperMags!! xxoo



  1. Maggie Said:

    Jenn!!!! You are the sweetest thing EVER. Thank you SO much! You made me a little teary-eyed… and famous! LOL Mwah! Love you! xoxo

  2. Awww … I think I teared up a little … LOL You are so sweet!

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