Yummy in my tummy

Tonight I got to experience one of the perks of being a journalist- restaurant reviews!! I mean really, what’s better than being wined and dined and fawned over? The best food I’ve ever had have come from two people: the chef at Lemeac and my mom (but there are still tons of places that would come in second).

I’m not really into “exotic” foods- I’ve tasted truffle and I don’t get it. Sushi is also strange (and frankly, I think a lot of people just say they like it because it’s so trendy to like raw fish). I’ve had beef and lamb tartar and it feels like uncooked meat in my mouth.

Lemeac was the one exception- while everything was fancy it was really delish! Their pate was out of this world, not to mention the panko-crusted goat cheese, apple and walnut salad (oh.em.gee) and their mmmarvelous creme brule- to die for!

But for the most part, I just like real comfort food that tastes goooood. There was nothing like coming home from school and smelling my mom’s meat sauce cooking- it would hit you like a wall of pure savoury goodness when you came through the door, and there would be a pot the size of a small swimming pool bubbling away on the stovetop. I also loved my mom’s palacsinta- a Hungarian dessert that’s basically a small crepe rolled up with jam inside. She always used seedless raspberry in some and orange marmalade in the rest. I could eat 100 of them in one sitting. My mom makes the best breaded pork chops, chopped cooked red cabbage, and thick gooey brownies, and don’t forget Mommy Fried Chicken (basic fried chicken, named after my mom for no reason other than she made it and it always tasted sooooo yummy) and my childhood fave- fence bread (thick slices of fresh French bread with butter and honey criss-crossed with a knife, hence it looked like a fence! Some kids need bribery to eat- apparently I needed fencing).

And finally, a few of my local faves: Extra large Tim Horton’s double-double or, if I’m feeling fancy, a Starbucks latte; m:brgr’s Kobe beef burger with apple smoked bacon; Buffalo Bills’ classic wings (slathered in that sweet tangy sauce… oh sorry, that was my stomach growling); Tomasso’s stuffed pasta shells with ricotta cheese baked in a tomato sauce and topped with bubbling mozzarella; Baton Rouge’s chicken tender salad with creamy garlic ranch dressing; and finally, I had the absolute best pecan pie while we were driving up to Canada to move here in 1998 at a hotel restaurant… it was sweet and smooth with the perfect pie crust. Boy oh boy I wish I knew where that place was…



  1. Kirsten Said:

    Yum!!! I’m definitely the carnivore of the family and the ‘Not-so-adventurous’ food eater. I like what I know and I know what I like 🙂

    Some of my favourites: McD’s McChicken Sandwich; Homemade Mac and Cheese; Honey Garlic Chicken served over noodles; (almost) any kind of Chicken Fingers; and last but not least – Caeser Salad (Yum!)

    • i love that you told me about your fave foods- mcchicken’s really are too good (i’m actually a bigger fan of the junior)… and i’ve yet to have GOOD homemade mac n cheese!!

      thanks for reading, kirsten, and for putting a comment- that really means a lot. but pleeease tell me you weren’t up at 4:36am!

      • Kirsten Said:

        Cousin ‘o mine, I’m only 19! (Well 20 next month >.>) I like to stay up late – though that night I was up do to not being able to sleep >.<

      • like i should talk… i’m always up late and i’m almost 30 (*sniffle*)

        and WHEN did you become a 20-yr old (almost). wow- soon no more teen years- suck it all in my sweetheart! it goes by MUCH too quickly!

  2. mom Said:

    Love that blog – and thanks! Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE!! And I think that pecan pie place was somewehere in Kentucky – does that narrow it down for ya?

    • no it wasn’t- we didn’t even go thru kentucky when we drove up! 🙂

  3. Hey now … I happen to like sushi because I LIKE it … 😉

    But this totally made my tummy rumble.

    We are very lucky to live in the city we do – the food choices here are incredible, and usually you can get eclectic foods for a very good price! No need to hit up a fancy restaurant just head to Little Italy for the perfect pasta, China town for the best noodles ever and The Main for everything else! :-p Hehehe

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