There are no coincidences

I don’t think things “just” happen. I really believe everything happens for a reason. I feel like the joys and tribulations I face in my life are all part of a master plan that has been mapped out just for me.

I started thinking about this on my way home from a doctor’s appointment this afternoon- I had been walking back to my car downtown and came to a busy intersection. As I crossed the street, I had to stop to let one of those lines of kids, all holding hands in a big chain of primary colors, cross in front of me, and suddenly, there was my cousin’s son, in the middle of the cluster, just like that. And I shouted, “Hey! Wow! HI!” And he gave me a little wave and half-smiled beneath his baseball cap, and as they continued down the street he kept looking back over his shoulder at me, and I kept waving.

Now maybe this wasn’t a monumental, planned-out pit stop on my “life road map.” But it made me stop and smile after a busy afternoon of running around. And maybe he was having a crumby day and the smile helped him too.

And I do think that the people who have come into my life, the wonderful man that came into my life, the friends, the jobs, the opportunities, the disappointments, the make-me-laugh-so-hard-I-cried times, the rip-my-heart-out-in-sadness moments, were all destinations I was meant to visit. And this gives me solace. What’s better than giving up on asking “why” and just chalking it up to “it’s part of the plan”?

If I’m right about my theory- that everything is written in the stars- then great! I’ll find out when I bite the bullet and meet the big guy in the sky. And if I’m wrong (which I rarely am!) then I won’t know it because, well, I’ll be dead, right?

I don’t ignore “coincidences.” And if you stop brushing things off and start taking notice of what’s going on around you, delving a bit deeper into seemingly nonchalant moments, you may just discover a thing or two.



  1. shawn Said:

    boy, do i have a story to share with you tomorrow at lunch

  2. mom Said:

    What an interesting perspective – I like it! And what a cute baby!!!

  3. Marie Said:

    Hi! Tried to reply to your message on twitter but won’t work since i’m only following you – but I saw your message re: messaging you from my phone? Look forward to tweeting with you too!

  4. valerie Said:

    what an amazing writer you are. I am very proud of you and you will be famous… this is great.. love you xx

    • thanks val… that means a lot. it’s so nice you came to read my blog- thank you!! love you too xxoo

  5. Jackie Said:

    Hi Love…..
    Finally got on my home PC to catch up on your blog. LOVE IT!!!!!


  6. Doreen Muirbrook Said:

    Wow..I love the perspective you bring to your writing. If we really paid attention to these moments we would create a lifetime. Keep have a great style.

    • thank you doreen… i really appreciate the kind words and the fact you took the time to read AND comment! thank you!

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