Ahem, hello, this is Jenn!

Well, hi there universe! Wow, so many eyes on me at once- I’m not great at public, er, blogging, so let me just start by introducing myself.

Hello. My name is Jenn. I’m a writer. It sounds cliche, but from the time I could form sentences I was penning the latest best-selling book. There were always dolphins in my stories. My female characters always had long “tresses” of hair (I remember learning that word in 3rd grade and LOVING it). I typed my tales on an actual typewriter, and it was so old it didn’t have a correction ability, so one typo and I’d have to rip the page from the clenches of the rollers and start over.

Then I got an electric typewriter, and I could type out a whole line of text before it would beep at me- I’d hit return, and presto, the printed line would appear across the page. Magic!

Finally, in 8th grade, computers came into my life. I bought a giant floppy disk and would go into the computer lab before school to work on my latest novel (that year it involved whales… who were in love…). By high school we had a home PC, and I’d spend hours typing away and then equally as long printing reams of stories (filling the house with that old-school printer ReeeEEEEEEEE!!!! sound).

High school was only fun because I got to actually take an entire class on creative writing, not to mention be on The Torch school newspaper (the best paper in Palm Beach County my senior year, by the way). Years later, I went back to visit old teachers, and Ms. Almborg, my 8th grade English teacher, told me she was still using one of my essays as an example to her students of what a good essay should be (I blushed a little).

University was all about learning the technicalities of writing, but it was also the first time I was published. I had highs and lows that really taught me about the type of writer I was. I did a summer internship at a quaint little office in Westmount, and I loved my cozy days working there and walking along the tree-lined streets at lunch (I also got reamed out by a 94-year-old Order of Canada recipient for quoting her on something she apparently didn’t mean to say, hence making her look “pompous,” and I cried into my then-boyfriend’s shoulder for hours).

After university, I wrote about everything from the gilded golds of a Montreal mansion to the voluptuous curves of a certain “it” girl. I interviewed athletes like Olympian Mark Tewksbury and UFC god Georges St-Pierre, as well as wild women like Janice Dickinson (while she was driving and trying to outrun the paparazzi, no less) and Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends (at the time- Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson). I’ve styled photo shoots and even stood in as a “model” when actual models have bailed (oh, to wear those black Manolos again). I’ve been treated to dinners at some of Montreal’s best restaurants. I’ve written features on keeping your sex life spicy, analyzing handwriting to see the future, setting the perfect table, and throwing the wildest bachelor party. I worked a night shift at a woman’s shelter for an article once, and another time, I decorated a kid’s treehouse like an actual home (with a completely set table, furniture, carpeting, and wall decor)- try stuffing a 6-foot tall girl in an 8×8 foot space!

I’m a writer. I love telling people’s stories. I love sharing new and fun ideas that make reader’s hearts go pitter-pat like mine does when I spot something cute and unique. I love meeting new people. And I have to admit it (or I wouldn’t be in this industry)- I loooove seeing my byline. There’s just nothing like seeing your name, printed right there in black and white, in a magazine or newspaper (and I have to say, it’s just so much cooler than when it was written in black permanent marker on the front of a neon pink Trapper Keeper).

So, world, this is me. Jenn. Jenn the writer.

And what’s your story?


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