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What I control

There is one thing I can control in my life – how I choose to react to things and live my life. Sure, it’s frustrating when I let someone cut in in traffic and they don’t acknowledge my nice gesture with a smile or a wave; when that happens, I have one of two options: I could get angry and decide it’s not worth being nice anymore and stop letting people cut in, or I could just realize that I only control my actions and let it slide. What it all comes down to is this: I want to be a nice person, the type of person who does let people cut in in traffic, and I do nice gestures like that because I want to, not because I expect something in return. If people just gave up on common courtesies, well, then this would be a pretty crumby world.

I also can’t control the bad things that happen in life, however I can control the good. Tonight I took my mother-in-law out for a night on the town- we went for dinner, had coffee, and then went to see Blue Rodeo in concert (incredible, by the way). And as I listened to them belt out “till I am myself again…” I couldn’t help but think about how grateful I was for that little moment in time, while me and my mother-in-law swayed in unison and sang aloud. We blared their CD on the long congested ride home. It was just one of those all-around terrific nights.

I don’t have to wait for holidays and birthdays to find a reason to celebrate – I can email “the girls” and organize a random night out dancing, or go to a show, or host a dinner, just for the fun of it. And while we take too much obsessing about the bad things in our lives, isn’t it equally important to try and spend a little time acknowledging and relishing in the good – getting a kiss from a niece who tells you she loves you, meeting a friendly person in an elevator who makes a usually-mundane task a little more enjoyable, or being treated to a really good meal.

I can’t control externals – other people, bad things happening to good people, and so much more. But there are two things I can control – my behavior and the good I want to bring into my life. And baby, I want as much good as I can get my skinny little hands on!