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Stars are born…

I don’t care how old you are- a birthday should be a special day for you, a day to be spoiled and appreciated and loved. And I’ve got a lot of birthday shoutouts today.

First, happy birthday Nadia, a beautiful girl I went to school with from elementary through till high school and today is a mom of two gorgeous children. Happy birthday Diodora, one of the strongest women I’ve ever met, someone who is an amazing journalist, a brave wife and now also a mom (and a great one at that, I’m sure). Happy birthday Mr. Backes, one of the best teachers I ever had, who toughened me up and was willing to give me a chance (which paid off in spades! Thanks Mr. B)

Which brings me to two of my besties- Amanda and Andrew, who are both getting old today (haha…). Amanda gives the absolute best pep talks and is always willing to listen to me to go on and on about how some editor ripped apart one of my articles. She’s one tough cookie and a terrific mom. She’s resilient and caring and fun and taller than me, which is great (lol). I feel lucky to have a woman like Amanda in my life, and I truly appreciate the countless fun times we’ve shared on vacations and pub crawls and birthdays.

Andrew I’ve known since I met my husband (they’re cousins), and other than my dad, no one makes me laugh harder than he does (I’ve saved his phone messages for weeks). Despite the fact he’s “one of the boys,” I’ve always felt a bond with Andrew. He’s always supported my schooling and career, he’s been the perfect sidekick to secretly hide out with at the bar taking shots while avoiding “certain groups” of people at the pub, and anytime I felt like talking about goats, I knew I could go to him.

Friends like Amanda and Andrew are what make ordinary dinners fun, random afternoons memorable, and birthday celebrations special. And that’s why they deserve only happiness, laughter and fun today and all year long…

On March 30th quite a few stars were born!


My friend, in a nutshell…

Little girls become friends with other little girls for a number of reasons: because we like them, because we hafta, or because they have all the newest Pound Puppies and if we want a chance to play with them, well, we’ve gotta suck up.

But when you’re an adult, the women in your life become friends because of one reason: they make your life better in a special way.

Today’s is Maggie’s birthday. I met her when I worked at AskMen. And I love her for this: she really just says it like it is.

I mean that in only the nicest most sincere way- Maggie is an incredible person to me because she really and truly doesn’t worry about what others think. She’s a realist. And she’s one of the few people who is always honest with me. I appreciate that so much. I really admire that quality in Maggie, and I wish I had a little more of her in me.

I know that all the jobs I’ve had so far have helped further my career. But more than anything, they’ve given me true friends.

So happy birthday SuperMags!! xxoo